SEDEM’s strategic orientations are built around a core focus on customer satisfaction. This ongoing commitment to continuous improvement is a key aspect of our corporate culture. SEDEM has an effective and responsive Quality Management System that covers its entire industrial offer, in addition to numerous quality control procedures.

Our materials have guaranteed properties and performance

Total reliability due to real-world control of incoming and outgoing materials using our in-situ industrial equipment: mill, extruders, injection press, regeneration line,

Qualification of our Recycled Raw Materials at our in-situ laboratory fitted out with all the necessary testing equipment:

• Physical: density, moisture
levels, fill rates

• Mechanical: bending, tensile

• Rheological: MFI, DSC, OIT

A wide range of Recycled Raw Materials

SEDEM has a flexible and responsive business structure; we constantly monitor new markets and technologies to provide you with a comprehensive range of recycled materials with qualified properties in shredded, pelleted or ground formats.

Custom formulations

SEDEM offers custom material formulations elaborated to your exact specifications in terms of mechanical properties, particle size, colour, packaging, etc.

Regularity of supplies

Thanks to an efficient material recycling process, scaled to fit your requirements in terms of material qualities, volumes and frequencies of supply:

Our operational excellence and our Quality commitment are supported by certifications

SEDEM, a French recycling company, is certified Eucertplast, the European standard of excellence for plastics recycling.
This certification attests to SEDEM’s operational excellence in terms of the traceability of inputs, its strong quality commitment and its capacity for continuous supplies.

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The ISO 9001/V2015 certification obtained in 2020 is essential to the company’s development, ensuring, in particular, its ability to meet the new challenges facing the plastics recycling industry.

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