Using Materials to make the world a better place

For over 10 years now, we have been helping drive the plastics industry’s transition to an environmentally responsible approach by creating a second life for post-consumer and post-industrial waste!
Ever-increasing collection, recycling, qualification and reintegration of plastics to foster growth of the circular economy… SEDEM offers you a comprehensive, monitored and qualified solution!

Using Materials to make the world a better place

Let’s work together to create a more virtuous economy!

Quality, SEDEM’s core expertise

SEDEM is committed to an ambitious and demanding quality approach,
paving the way to a prosperous and sustainable circular economy.

Do you have any plastics
that could be recovered?

SEDEM helps you manage your post-industrial or post-consumer waste.

Are you looking for recycled raw materials?.

SEDEM offers shredded, ground, pelleted, densified materials, the properties of which are qualified at our in-situ lab.