A specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the recycling and recovery of plastic waste, SEDEM purchases and recovers your post-industrial and post-consumer plastic on the best terms the market can offer.

A flexible, responsive organisation, committed to the success of your environmental strategy

Through its technical expertise and in-depth knowledge and understanding of French and international markets, SEDEM helps you make the most of your plastic waste, both from an economic point of view (recovery at the best available rates) and from a regulatory point of view (frequent and constantly increasing recycling rate). By creating a second life for plastic waste, we can use Materials to make the world a better place. Together, we can rise to the challenge of building an environmentally responsible approach that promotes the circular economy and environmental protection.

Collection means tailored to the nature and volumes of your waste flows

Box pallets
Balling presses

Delegated management for major corporate clients

– provision of human and material resources on demand to facilitate the sorting process

– maintenance of collection means tailored to your waste streams,

– optimised sorting of materials, at your manufacturing site

– identification of outlets for the materials entrusted to us.

Businesses, local authorities… whatever the nature, the quality or the volume of your waste… SEDEM will be an effective and reliable partner in developing the recycling strand of your business ecosystem and in helping you roll out a successful environmental strategy.