By continually increasing the rate at which recycled raw materials are integrated into production processes, and by making environmental performance a core component of enterprise development strategies, we are opening up opportunities to create a more virtuous economy, resolutely committed to reducing the environmental impact!

Quality and continuous improvement – our key focal points

Equipped with in-situ industrial equipment (grinders, extruder, injection press, regeneration line, etc.) SEDEM systematically checks incoming and outgoing materials under real-world conditions, to provide you with secondary raw materials that meet both the highest quality standards and your own specifications.

Our ISO 9001 V2015 certification attests to our operational excellence and guarantees you seamless, end-to-end, traceability throughout our processes.

Client support
on demand

Irrespective of the volumes involved or of the frequency of your needs, our flexible and responsive organisational set-up means we can meet all your expectations efficiently, from customised material formulation to the production of recycled materials either at our waste recovery unit, or via tried and tested partners, driven by the same reliability and service level commitments as we are. The logistics capacity of our ICPE classified industrial site (up to 600 T) offers you significant flexibility in terms of supply.

Industrials - are you seeking a source of recycled raw materials?

Whether you are looking for materials in pelleted, shredded, ground format, etc. in PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC, PMMA , PA, POM, SURLYN, SEBS, TPE, TPU, PET, PVC, PBT, K-RESINE … SEDEM has the solution!